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Wholesale Clients - Wholesale

Version 1.0 - Last updated: 16 Nov. 2022

This bundle is designed to support a licensee wishing to treat some or all of its clients as wholesale clients.  It includes templates to help establish that a client is wholesale under particular wholesale client tests.  It also includes two alternative versions of a policy (a version for a licensee with wholesale clients only and a version for a licensee with both retail and wholesale clients) to help set out the licensee’s methods for treating a client as wholesale.

Included documents

Document Version Type Date
Wholesale Client Policy 2.0 Policy 3 Feb. 2020
Wholesale Client Policy (W’sale AFSL only) 1.0 Policy 16 Nov. 2022
Controller Declaration Template 1.0 Tool 14 Sept. 2019
Professional Investor Declaration Template 1.0 Tool 18 Sept. 2019
Record of Value Price Template - AFSL 2.0 Tool 15 March 2020