Privacy - ACL, AFSL, Wholesale

Version 2.3 - Last updated: 6 Oct. 2023

This bundle is designed to enable licensees to comply with their privacy and data breach notification obligations.  The comprehensive policies and procedures comply with both the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and with guidance provided by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

The Privacy Policy Template sets out how licensees should collect, use and disclose personal information, and also covers data security arrangements and access requests.  The Data Breach Response Policy sets out a 4-stage process for preparing an effective data breach response, including containment, assessment of the breach, notification obligations and a review process, to prevent future incidents.

Included documents

Document Version Type Date
Data Breach Response Policy - ACL, AFSL, Wholesale 3.1 Policy 6 Oct. 2023
Privacy Management Policy - ACL, AFSL, Wholesale 4.0 Policy 20 April 2023
Data Breach Register - ACL, AFSL, Wholesale 1.0 Register 1 June 2019
Privacy Policy and Collection Statement (Privacy Policy) - ACL, AFSL, Wholesale 3.1 Tool 11 July 2023
Privacy Access Request Refusal Letter - ACL, AFSL, Wholesale 2.0 Tool 17 Feb. 2022
Role and Responsibilities of the DBRT Template - ACL, AFSL, Wholesale 1.0 Tool 27 May 2020